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Fitting new digital aerial and sky dish to the chimney on this new build house!

If you have just purchased and moved into a new build property you will probably want to get the TV working as soon as possible, normally this will involve installing either a TV aerial system for Freeview and/or a pay TV system such from either Virgin media, BT vision or Sky TV.

We are experienced in setting up TV systems and Sky distribution for many new home builder in the area, and luckily house building seems to be full steam ahead once again.

Should I put my own aerial in my new build house?

Probably best not, I would suggest the competent DIYer will easily be able to carry out a loft aerial installation and room feeds. But a proper and all weather stable Sky install requires decent test equipment, finding and separating all the loft cables may well be an all day task without the correct skills and hardware.

As always contact usAerials and Sky Local any time for free estimate on any TV aerial or Sky reception work.