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Long ladders to fix aerial that had blown down in the storms.

The right equipment for the job. Last month was pretty windy and many people had issues with aerials which had been blown down or had come loose on storms. Sometimes you need those extra long ladders to get the job done.

Has your aerial blown down in a storm?

Make sure you’re getting the most from your picture. If you’ve suffered from a recent storm callAerials and Sky Local now. Aerials can become dislodged or moved over time with damage from the weather, particularly in strong gales and windy storms.

At Aerials and Sky Local, we can repair or renew aerials that have been blown down in a storm. If your TV picture is slightly less clear since a period of bad weather, have us come to your home to repair it. We can also install and re-position satellite dishes on your house. If you’re suffering any difficulty with receiving digital or Sky on your TV, call Aerials and Sky Local today.

Our advice is not to try and fix aerial yourself. Not many people have long ladders to fix aerial. Be safe rather than sorry and use a professional who has experience and the right equipment for the job.