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TV Aerial come loose in winds in Leamington Spa so I fitted extra brackets for more support. Then it is important to check that there is a good signal on all channels. All mobile jobs can be paid for on site with my iZettle mobile card payment machine. Job done – everyone happy!

TV Aerial come loose in winds in Leamington SpaCommunal aerials - Having the right equipment for the bigger jobsTV Aerial come loose in winds in Leamington Spa


There are many causes of Freeview reception problems including TV Aerials that come loose in the wind., Reception problems can be recognised by the following symptoms.

– Pixelation, the TV picture may have blocks, squares or lines of blocks randomly appearing, the picture may also freeze.

– The TV screen may appear black/blank/blue, some models of television sets may give a “No signal” message.

– The sound can be affected causing what is often described as a crack noise, this is often accompanied by picture problems.

– Missing Freeview channels.

– Your TV may tune only some of the available channels.
Digital Freeview channels are transmitted in groups “muxes” as each mux is transmitted on a different frequency the signal levels will vary slightly, this variation in levels is common and not usually a problem with a properly working system however if all your signals are weak then the weakest groups of channels may not be tuned in by your TV or set top box, by re-tuning your TV you may gain them back but would likely have problems as above trying to view these channels.

Loose, Leaning or fallen TV aerial, these problems may not affect reception immediately however these problems will not cure themselves, a loose aerial will move in high winds possibly causing damage to the wall or chimney it is fixed to. A leaning aerial will lean more usually causing damage to the chimney or wall.

A fallen aerial will move about the roof in high winds causing damage to itself and possible the roof itself, it may even fall from the roof damaging anything it falls on.

Loose cables will also move in windy conditions damaging themselves.

All of these problems should be taken care of as soon as you notice them, if left the aerial repair cost would likely increase. Taking prompt action will also reduce damage to your property caused by loose brackets and possibly falling components.

Call Andy Fearnley on 01386 770 020 or 07947 497904 if you have any problems such as these and he will be happy to discuss how to fix them.